Saturday, July 7, 2007

a feeling that make u unstable

she told me that she will be bak very soon,her friend is waiting for her, so i let her the middle of night, i woke up and still in a blur condition bt i was realise that she wasnt here,so i went to check, she not home either!i check the clock, is 5am in the morning.i try to track her by using internet and i found her at a online game.the strange thing is she is the 1 who ask me ' not yet sleep? '.i was shocked! i start asking her wih a abit of angry tone and she nv reply.this is wat she oways does.from 12-5 am,i was so sensitive to the ambience sound.was looking for the sound i familiar with.the walking sound, the keys and the once again,she let me down.i cound't sleep at just like somting will be happend anytime and i hav to be very concious.i do not know since when i had this kind of ability and when she start to change her inner parts.she may looks the same from ouside,is totally a diffrent person from inside.did i do anything wrong?m i the 1 who dun wan to let her go?

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