Saturday, November 3, 2007

miss her alot!she onli been go bak for about 1 feel like she is gone for a month....omg!i miss her everyday.wake up 1st thing is about her.sms her b4 i brush my teeth....wat so special about her?er......i love the way she treat her so real...not like som girl so damn fake.even few days ago went to cineleisure watch blullet & brain....and saw a boobs is like bola damn fake....and her face oso.....cover using "make up mask" she oso manage to get bf a......probably their "night life"is alot more nice than mroning....i believe one day...when after they do their "business", and the girl take a way her "mask"...onli realise she is so fake den i think he need to scream n said "哇!!!看到鬼啊!" mine girl not noe when she will accept i think she is the 1.and onli pic u ask me?er.....later bah....when i really with her le...den take som sweet pic den let u see see loh.

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