Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday night

for quite a long time,i didnt had this feeling.WAT A FUCKING BORING N MOODLESS NIGHT!!!!!i dun feel like doing anything.i was surpose to gao dim my 1x1tee tag i m still sitting here n writing this boring post.

if really come n think of it...i had plenty of works to do....see a..i cincai name it
-1x1tee tag design
-my personal website
-dad website
-pui yee photos ( sorry pui yee~ )
-cleaning my closet
-clean my room
-clean my pc
-organise my messy files
-take photo of new tee design
-promote my tee
-miss my gf ( this 1 doing it all the time )

SEE!!! i onli used 2 minutes to wrote the list....even that much....really fuck me plz....let me keep going to finish all my work b4 i died of too many works to handle.

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