Monday, April 14, 2008


were really accited to keep working, but thid SEPV3 stuff making me headache. i havent been designing a portal or intranet b4, now me alone hav to take care the whole project design , this is a big challenge to me. this sep v3 stuff really bored, mashead + button + site navigation bg + footer = 1 portal site ! information part u ask ? nah ! those leave it to programmer gao dim it lah !keep designing from blue + green ---> black + blue ----> orangie -----> red ----> mix alot colors.

som of it i do like it, bt still, no interactive = boring!!! oh ya ! last week juz done 1 site take a look. . nth much to say about this site, alot stuff follow wat client needed, so juz gao dim it den take cek, case close !

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