Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pasar Malam

were quite somtimes havent really been pasar malam.went to ss2 pasar malam with dear few days back,quite surprice with few things i noticed.

1.pasar malam can even get comic books.LOLZ....
2.pasar malam ada jual pirated games and software
3.once u touches their stuff,they think u r buying it.stories goes like this

i went to 1 of this stall that sell bags,those big bags that u can fix alot stuff in.the cute monkey attract my gf.

me : uncle,how much is this a?
uncle : RM 32
me :dear quite exp ler
dear : yeah loh,can get in bangkok also lah
me : uncle the small 1 leh?
uncle : that 1 a?rm 24 .got 1 more double later 1,that 1 wont "O dai" ( means berlubang ).
me : har?den this 1 will O dai geh a?
uncle : mou lah
me : uncle i go walk walk 1st...let me think think.
uncle : har?u dun wan buy a?i not play play and ask shong onli is it?
me : nolah..i wan think think

den i walk away.the uncle seem angry due to fail sales.i understand how it feel,bt thats juz not the right way to sell ur stuff mah.if everyone come to your stall also buy,den i ma fatt dat edy?

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