Saturday, November 7, 2009

flea market at subang square

were doing business in subang square the whole week.monday turn up quite good....wednesday kinda ok....friday super duper hyper worst.previously we were the onli stall in the building,but since the "football stall" had moved in,they blocked almost all our view from outside the building,i was kinda pissed at 1st,but well,i am not permanent vendor there,so not much i can speak of.small business like me hardly to survive when there are some others doing almost the same things.

creative ppl of cause have to think of something creative to win out from the situation.i am now searching for some flea market references, if happend any of you are reading this and found some really cool references,plz plz send me the link.or if u had a thought how to decorate it,plz share with me.

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MR Kevin Tai

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