Monday, August 17, 2009


wah!!!! i juz realise for quite somtime i didnt update my blog.until eng eng ( my primary school friend ) asked me "y u didnt update ur blog a?".i remember my gf asked me the same question too quite awhile,bt i was too bz to do so.bzing wih works,rush here n there...n promote my tee shirts,even nowadays hardly got to gym.most oso once or twice a week.

today, 17 of august...i took day off.tot can go out wih gf and fix som stuff n acc her for a movie n food ( food again...vivienne wong....fat a!!)bt end up,things come last minutes,plan had a nice rest aswell...was took a 4 hour nap..( wat the hell...that's abit too long is it? ),ar~ refreshing~~~makan abit wih family,juz love mom cooking,n she claim she had 2 new assistant ( my bro ) LOLZ...after dinner.sat down awhile infron tv wih family...and now bak to pc again....yeah....finally,finishing wat i hav to do...gre

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