Thursday, May 1, 2008

graduation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally grad lu~, it been ages waiting for this moment to come. the day b4 keep thinking how to dress, wat is going to happend, nervous leh~!

morning...preparing and get ready to fecth friends.

afternoon .we arrive sheraton hotel and register. get our robe and dress up.

night........ step into ballroom and prepare to get diploma.lagi nervous.sit beside a AD gal call junnie if not mistaken.were hav a few chat wih her. den i heard "tai chen hwa" ....step up to stage carefully,bow at siao wei ---multimedia head of department and get my diploma from din of student miss veronica ho.yeah shiok~i got my 1st diploma !!!!! after grad sure dinner de lah.

wah...table i sit all from klang de.york jing and hui foong same table.after dinner parents went bak, den we heading to bar celona at sunway prramid.lolz....that idiot york jing drunk till siao. step oso drunk le...thanx god her "bf" was there wake her up wih ice and water. her "bf" abit angry oso, coz she were laying on my shoulder.jelous gua. damn that night still a shiok nite....wohoo....~

here is the link to look at those photos


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OMG !!!!!JOANNE HOW COME U KNEW THIS PLACE? i tot onli few friends knew this.



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