Sunday, January 20, 2008

the revolution of my self in this 3 years

i were like 65 kgs wen i juz bak from ireland and for a meanwhile,i keep doing exercise den go down to this is juz the beginning of hell.....wen i enter toa ,i were enjoying staying wih friends, go out mamak at night,lazying and all this coz me fat...really not juz this...after "she" come into my life at my 2nd year, she were so cook me good food, nice food, delicious food, tasty food....well u noe..wen som1 cook soooooooo damn nice food for u..u cant juz leave alot behide right...?so i finish it wih 2 bowl of like those put sayur punya rice still happy.....den i gain alooooooooooooooooot of weight. from like about 65 ---> 84 ?bt i nv realise.....coz still hiding in a happy feeling....wih her smile on her face

den we broke up......and feel MORE...!!! and MORE !!!! gain weight wake up from the dream and realise ....den move bak home mom help me lose weight by cooking light food.....go gym less like from 2 bowl of sayur plate rice ---> 1/2 normal chinese small 3months time thank god.....from 85 ----> now happy.......

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